UAE Uniform Supplier & Manufacturer

We brought to you amazing flawless uniform work with our perfect manufacturer and supplier in Dubai. Don’t need to worry about your working class. We have diversified classes of uniforms for working groups like Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Hotel workers, Polo players, and school children, and many others. Feel free to place your order, we can complete your all requirements through our customized style of work.

We are focused to exploring, designing, and delivering modern-style high-quality uniforms at affordable costs. Similar to international criteria we achieve high production standards. Both our uniform materials proceed through product tests from our devoted staff before being delivered to the customer. We are the best uniform company among others in Dubai.

We are honored with state-of-the-art equipment, qualified and highly faced personnel to create uniforms of superior quality for the Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE market.

Our Expert Manufacturer & Supplier

  • We are Capable of producing both custom and ready-made Uniforms.
  • We are very passionate about quality uniforms and performance, in combination with uniform designs, embroidery and printing production, which make our prices competitive regionally and abroad.
  • Furthermore, we are versatile on the global market such as Abu Dhabi from low scale to bulk orders offering personalized uniforms.
  • Generally our team of qualified uniform stylists is trying to put together a carefully curated selection of contemporary uniforms for a businessperson.

We have set up ourselves being one of the larger uniform suppliers with a network across the different countries and look forward to the next developing our network on the new market grounds. We are deeply entrenched in delivering services to a wide variety of sectors, from MNCs, small companies, the food and beverage industry, government agencies, hospitals, hotels, and international schools, etc. Not only that, but we sell company apparel, shoes, school uniforms, business items and many others. Furthermore, we have the best uniform supplier in Dubai and expanding our relations with other countries’ suppliers.

Our Products

Hotel Uniforms


We are one of the best uniform companies in hospitality, we supply our fabrics to qualified manufacturers across the globe to ensure they follow worldwide quality requirements. In addition, we also have fabric standard tested by approved fabric testing laboratories.

We put pure hard work and experience into making hospitality uniforms of high quality, cool and good style. We develop all varieties of uniforms for all comfortable, cost-effective and welcoming to students. Furthermore, we receive and supply both small and large orders for entertaining the preferences of any buyer. We give our offerings to all types of hotels such as primary, secondary, and higher level in Dubai market.